Mark Stent is a DJ and Producer from South Africa. Since 2005 he has been a huge name in the South African DJ scene effortlessly delivering many styles of music including House, Tech House and Techno. He owns two record labels: Stentfire Music and 3 Girls Music which allow him to release his own music and that of other South African artists. He has had multiple radio number ones and chart-topping success on 5 radio stations, and his track “Come back home” held number 1 on 5fm for 12 weeks, it was also the overall number 1 on the Top 100 for 2016. In 2020, Mark’s album ‘Solitude’ was nominated for a SAMA award for best album.



Mark has spent the last few years honing his production skills.

His first solo album “Solid” was extremely well received and just about every track on the album was held in high regard from heavyweights such as Apple Music and Spotify.

His second solo album “Switch” was representative of Mark making the ‘switch’ from being a DJ who produced music to a Producer that DJ’s his music, almost every track on the album was playlisted.

His 3rd solo album ‘Solitude’ represented him finding his place as a producer, a place of solitude and contentment, and has been doing the rounds worldwide. While he has been a headlining name at gigs for the last few years, he has worked hard to live a balanced life. 

His fourth solo album title ‘Sugar’ was created during the COVID-19 lockdown, and is a sweet nod to Mark’s evolution as an artist, representing the sounds he wants to make and the person he has become – the ‘sugar on the top’.

Behind the hard exterior and party lifestyle, Mark is a family man at heart. Dedicating all his free time to his 3 daughters, Kiara, Chicane and Skyla.

Mark lives in Knysna where he spends his time focusing on production and creating his own brand of music for radio and dancefloors alike.

Mark has studied buddhism and attributes his calm demeanour to meditation,  which he says changed his life. 

His passion projects are his meditation app ‘Just Me‘ which helps people find those small moments of ‘me-time’ in every day life, as well as Mark Stent Fitness‘ which documents his personal journey towards health, wellness and the mind-body connection. 

Mark’s dedication to maintaining a balanced lifestle between health & wellness, fitness and dance music are just short of a religion for him and those that follow his passion in everything he does.