Tich Ponde aka Shona (SA)

– Internationally acclaimed Producer and DJ

“Mark Stent is one of the most humble and dedicated souls I’ve worked with. His level of Faith and focus on a goal is unmatched. Driven by pure talent, hunger and focus on what he loves and believes in allows him to be one of the most influential people I know. His amazing social skills leave him as one of the few individuals that’s loved and respected by many yet true to his roots goals and belief. His ability to see good and talent in others and help where he can makes him far more special. The lives he’s touched, his selflessness and positive spirit to help where he can have made him a favorite in the SA music industry today. Because he is very well experienced and always keen to learn new things makes him the force he is upto today. He taught me humbleness and that your dreams can come true of you work hard at anything you desire.”