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Work With Mark

Since 2016, Mark has hosted the ‘Show Me Love events each year and has hosted his joint birthday party with Essential Groove for 10 years in a row, These events averaged more than 1000 people per event. He has hosted the ‘Holi One Colour’ festival which saw 6000 people attend and has brought out over 50 international DJ’s over the years. Events like these helped build his profile for those with an interest in house music and has gained him a strong and loyal following that have followed his career and progression, and still engage strongly with him today.

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Industry Endorsements

"I'm so proud to be a music friend of Mark Stent one of the most committed and professional persons I have worked with and above all 100% reliable and honest."
- David Gresham,
David Gresham Records - Label Owner.
"David Gresham Records and Mark Stent have enjoyed 3 years of hits and successes together, from number 1 singles to a prestigious South African Music Award nomination. Mark has an incredible ability to read the market and constantly deliver upon its ever evolving trends. Mark is recognised both locally and Internationally as a prolific producer, songwriter, DJ and businessman. Through his constant development as a creator, his body of content will be revered for generations to come, this is a testament to Mark's passion and desire to create work that matters in the world."
- Andrew Mitchley,
COO, The David Gresham Entertainment Group.
"Probably the most important attribute about working with Mark is his ability to pivot & make everything he is involved in WORK, and comes down to the sweat he put in, a powerful trait in a very turbulent industry."
- Ricardo da Costa,
Events promoter, prominent businessman, international DJ
"I’ve worked with Mark Stent a few times over the years from before I was a platinum selling artist to when I was and the way he treated me never changed, honest hard working, respectful human being."
- Timo ODV,
Producer and DJ
"Mark is a super talented DJ and producer whose passion end energy make his sets unique, unpredictable and exciting to experience. But more so he is professional and a true gentlemen who made touring South African a truely memorable experience for us on a number of occasions. He went over and above the call of duty to make our time a positive one and we are stoked to have made a lifelong friend in Mark. Just wish we got to see him more.."
- Yolanda Be Cool,
International best selling dance act
"Mark Stent is an incredible hard worker and such a professional. It's very easy to work with him and he has such ethics."
- Rouge,
South African rapper, author, and television presenter
"Mark brought me through to do an appearance at H20 in 2019. It was one of those events where I really did not want to leave because he made sure I was treated like a proper boss and most definitely one of my favorite moments of 2019 thanks to him."
- Biggy,
Nationally acclaimed South African rapper
"Mark Stent is a hard working, focused member of the entertainment and media industry. He communicates his ideas clearly, and is open to change and comments from others. He is a genuine person who is easy to work with, friendly, and who always aims, and achieves the best result by having great work ethic, and also working with others."
- Sketchy Bongo,
South African record producer, DJ and songwriter
"Mark Stent is one of the most humble and dedicated souls I've worked with. His level of Faith and focus on a goal is unmatched. Driven by pure talent, hunger and focus on what he loves and believes in allows him to be one of the most influential people I know. His amazing social skills leave him as one of the few individuals that's loved and respected by many yet true to his roots goals and belief. His ability to see good and talent in others and help where he can makes him far more special. The lives he's touched, his selflessness and positive spirit to help where he can have made him a favorite in the SA music industry today. Because he is very well experienced and always keen to learn new things makes him the force he is upto today. He taught me humbleness and that your dreams can come true of you work hard at anything you desire."
- Tich Ponde aka Shona (SA),
Internationally acclaimed Producer and DJ
"At the age of 19 as a complete newbie to the music industry,not having any peers or mentors in the dj scene Mark Stent was one of the only people to take me under his wing, offer me advice, introduce me to the right networks and keep me grounded. His work ethic and mentorship has played a massive role in where I am today in my career."
- Kyle Cassim
5fm DJ
"I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Mark for many years. Not only is he iconic in the industry, but one of the most humble and genuine people I have ever met."
- Abby Nurock,
Prolific DJ